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Tommy Hobin – Covid Growth Hacking: Moving from Events to Webinars

Unser Q&A Format mit Fragen zu Learnings aus der Krise und momentanen Best Practices.

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Covid-19 Learnings & Best Practices Interview Serie zu den Inbound Marketing Days

Tommy Hobin Covid Growth Hacking: Moving from Events to Webinars

Giant Swarm’s B2B growth hacking strategy had been heavily reliant on filling the marketing funnel with contacts from events held all over the world. Once the Corona virus took hold, that funnel dried up. The focus quickly turned to webinars as a new source of inbound – and in proper startup form, we figured it out rather quickly!

In this session, I’ll discuss our soup-to-nuts strategy on our approach to our audience, the tools and integrations we use to make the process seamless, as well as the steps you can take to set-up an effective and measurable webinar.

For us marketing geeks, I’ll also dive into some baseline numbers from the move from events to webinars including:
Time consumption per campaign
How we measure MQLs
Cost per lead compared
Open and return rates of post-webinar correspondence
…and other high-level stats

It’s going to be fun – I’ll do all the work!

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