Inbound Marketing
Days Summit 2022

Stop procrastination and overload once for all with our new micro-content summary format: One-Minute Win Cheat Sheets.

Why waste time on hour long presentations that never get to the point. Our One-Minute-Wins cheat sheet formats deliver actionable insights in under one minute.  All  presentations will feature a condensed cheat sheet / notes version that can be read in under one minute. 

Our guarantee: All summit content formats are 100% actionable. Each session is specifically built from the ground up to help you with your specific growth challenges & goals using tested, proven tactics to increase traffic, growth, revenue and retention.

All sessions are specifically designed for you to break through your growth barriers and reach your next plateau.

Actionable Growth Marketing Strategies & Tactics. 

It’s the Inbound Marketing Days: So of course we feature all classic Inbound Disciplines: Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, SEO, Social Media and Analytics. Expect the latest and greatest hacks straight from the worlds best practiioners.

Brand-new conversion rate- & customer value optimization tactics and automations specifically designed for e-commerce operations. Scale cheap, Scale fast – without going crazy. 

Become pandemic proof: The latest learnings, case studies and best practices when it comes 

Network with over 5000 attendees from global companies (past events)

Upcoming & Previous speakers:

Angela Wiesenmüller - Meltwater

Director Marketing EMEA at Meltwater I Demand Generation I Digital Marketing I Brand Awareness I Customer Advocacy

Ben Harmanus - MM EMEA Hubspot

Podcast host of #thedigitalhelpdesk. Author of CONTENT DESIGN.

Monika Schulze - Zurich Insurance

Member of the Executive Team at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd & Supervisory Board Member

Norman nielsen - Omio / Ex-Zalando

VP Growth at Omio - Ex Zalando

Pieter Verasdonck - Philips

Senior Marketing Manager - Ai & Machine Learning Solutions Philips

Björn Darko - Searchmetrics

Director Digital Strategies Searchmetrics

Maike Petersen - Mai Projekte

DIGITAL Marketing Expert | mai projekte. Expertin für Digitale Transformation

Lily Ray - Path Interactive

SEO Director at Path Interactive - New York - Nominated the best female search marketer of the year in 2017 by Search Engine Land

Britta Kristin Böhle - Trusted Shops

Director Inbound Demand Generation bei Trusted Shops

Evgeni Sereda - SEMrush

Senior Marketing Manager bei SEMrush Deutschland

Nicole Mank - SEO CRO Consulting

Founder bei Nicole Mank - SEO. CRO. Consulting.

Nora Breuker / Runaway Redhead

Founder @ Runaway Redhead; Podcaster of The Metamorphosis Podcast, Community Builder and Digital Creator.

Jennifer Lapp - Hubspot

SEO Content Strategist bei Hubspot

Fili Wiese – Ex-Google QT turned SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Constantine Rehberg - Prizeotel

CDO Prizeotel, ehemals A&O Hostels ,

Inbound Marketing Days 2022 Schedule

The Big Pre-Event Giveaway

Webinars & Goodie Giveaways. We asked all presenters to share some of their best content & resources before the event. Expect goodies galore with some of the best frameworks, traffic & growth hacks, cheat sheets, swipe files, e-mail sequences,  templates & tool libraries, checklists, audits & questionnaires out there. 

Day One: Quick Wins

Day one is all about quick actionable insights: Very short Q&A sessions that focus on what matters. Breaking through current growth barriers & bottlenecks with quick wins. 

Day Two: Long Game

Day Two is all about playing the long game. Case studies & tutorials with strategies & tactics to help you plan & reach your long term goals. 

Day Three: The Implementation

If you are serious, then day 3 is where the rubber hits the road. Our implementation workshops help

Six Categories

  1. Attracting Traffic
  2. Turning Visitors to Leads
  3. Turning Leads to Sales
  4. Turning Customers into Repeat Higher Margin Customers
  5. Strategies for Continuous Improvement
  6. E-Commerce Specific Strategies & Tactics
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