Andrea Ratzenberger – Vice President Sales & Marketing – Sherpany

Unser Q&A Format mit Fragen zu Learnings aus der Krise und momentanen Best Practices.

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Covid-19 Learnings & Best Practices Interview Serie zu den Inbound Marketing Days

Hier unser Interview mit Andrea zu aktuellen Erfahrungen mit der Corona-Pandemie.

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IMD: Bitte stell Dich für die, die Dich nicht kennen, kurz vor. Wer bist Du, was machst Du bzw Ihr?

I’m passionate about people and how they can exploit their full potential. Let this be about how we run our meetings, serving today’s leaders via technology, or reaching always higher peaks with my sales and marketing team in Sherpany.

One of the roles I enjoyed most was the establishment of the Italian market and leading Sherpany’s digital transformation of our marketing team. I learned first-hand how people are at the core of all processes and how important it is today to activate our “digital DNA”.

In Sherpany we help executives, directors, and managers run their meetings in an easy and very productive way. Unlike any document management solution, collaboration, or video-call tool, our unique approach combines people, processes, and technology, to speed up decision-making and foster people engagement.

IMD: Alles klar. Was waren Deine/Eure Erfahrungen in den letzten Monaten? Was hat sich durch Corona verändert?

Meetings have always existed, but during Covid-19 times we have seen an increase in their frequency and the need to shift to a fully remote setup. As European leader in meeting management, we helped many companies in this transition and their executives, directors, and managers to implement an easy, secure & fully equipped solution for their meetings.

We won't go back to how we used to run our meetings – we will have smooth-talking AI assistants, we will democratise the physical vs remote experience in meetings, and we will use augmented reality as alternative for our physical meetings.

IMD: Frage 3: Was sind Deine größten Learnings aus dieser Zeit? Hast Du Tipps für unser Publikum?

We noticed, even more than before, how key it is to empower our team to take decisions and to base our knowledge around data. We also engaged continuously with clients and we let them speak on our behalf. For those who work on strategy, I would suggest them to create scenarios and to reverse engineer where they want to be in 3 years from now.

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